Hunger Strike 2023 - A District 5030 Fundraising Event - Bellevue Eastside Rotary Club

Hunger Strike 2023 – A District 5030 Fundraising Event

October 2, 2023 Jason Richert Comments Off

We had so much fun bowling and raising funds through our District 5030 event Hunger Strike last year, we put together a team for this year too! For those who don’t know, Hunger Strike is the district-wide coordinated event that started in 2022. One of the primary recipients is the long time Rotary partner and Seattle based non-profit Harvest Against Hunger who connects farmers, truckers, volunteers, and communities to reduce hunger and food waste. The goal of the event is to drive some competitive fund raising amongst the clubs in District 5030, and have a fun afternoon/evening bowling for a good cause. 

The fundraising was hot and heavy this year with some folks donating based on number of bowlers, a few folks donated based on how many pins got knocked down, and some folks gave outright to the cause. Jason’s daughter Emily came and spent her afternoon trying to knock down those pesky pins too!

There are plans to expand Hunger Strike in 2024, so we are excited to see what next year holds!