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Halloween on the Hill – A Bellevue Community Event

October 28, 2023 Jason Richert Comments Off

Halloween on the Hill is a community event organized by the City of Bellevue at the South Bellevue Community Center on SE Newport Way. Fun activities for all ages are hosted throughout the day and you can join in on the fun for SBCC’s annual event. Activities include The Great Pumpkin Race (think pinewood derby with a twist!), Carnival, Family Magic Show, and Storybook Hike! This year, we set up a table with the Assistance of Dave & Buster’s and hosted a human slot machine. Kids could come hit the start button, and the human “wheels of luck” would present a piece of plastic fruit. If the kids won, they would receive a number of passport stamps on their event passports, allowing them to go pick out some candy and prizes at the end of the display booths.

Needless to say, our fun-loving crowd kept the table lively and energized! Staff from Dave & Buster’s came out to help as well as our club members Victoria, Jason, and family. This was such a great event to help kids have some fun in a safe (and dry!) environment, as well as get the word out about our club and our amazing partner Dave & Buster’s in Bellevue. Next year, you should make it a point to attend, and even come help at the table!